Open Play

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Check-in at the Welcome Desk.

Open play sessions are in 3 hour blocks.

After each game 4 players will exit the court and 4 new players will begin play.

Paddle rack system will be used to facilitate the open play flow.

Games are played to eleven points and win by 2.

What are the benefits of open play?

Pickleball open play is a great way to play social or competitive games with different players.

Open play is a great way to meet other players in the Tysons pickleball community.

What is the paddle rack system and how does it work?

Players will place their paddles in the rack until 4 paddles are in a slot.

There is an indicator on the rack that says what group of four has the next available court.

When a court opens up the players that are next in the queue will play on that court and the indicator moves to the next group.  The paddle rack is an efficient way to keep games moving to maximize play time!