Tysons Pickleball Summer Camp, August

Sign up now for our week-long Kids Pickleball Camp!  August 5-9. Ages 8-14. Camper Instructor ratio 4:1.

Fairfax Pickleball Summer Camp
Tysons Pickleball Summer Camp – August


It will introduce your child to the basics of the game of pickleball in a fun, structured learning environment.  Through drills, games, and supervised play, we will cover the fundamentals of pickleball beginning with foundational skills such as hand-eye coordination, footwork, and stroke development, progressing to rules, scoring and match play.

Instructors are Ryan Kane, a 5.0+ player with 4 years of playing experience and his mixed doubles partner Allison Klink, who is also a 5.0+ player with over 15 years of experience with teaching and administrative duties for children and teenagers. Together they will make for an exciting camp experience for your child!